Kobo's Show Pics

Show&Race RECORD!!

Date Dog Show & Race Result

3rd  Oct '04

2004 FCI INTERNATIONAL Dog Show Saitama bloc


Judge : Breed Yoshio Mori

Show Debut

This is his the show for Show Debut.

He got nothing though, he was 11 months old and enjoying to be in show ring. It was polling rain. but His tail was always wagged.  It's still same :-)) When he run with another malamute, he looked back some times.
That was his fist time to do this. I noticed many things to do for training...for me for Kobo.

This is the start for great show&race record!!!!


11th Oct '04


6th in puppy class

I said to Kobo "GO!" He said to me "what?" :-))

He was 6th place in puppy class.
This is Kobo's first race in his life. That was second time to put Harness on. Some people could run with dog to help in Puppy class. So one of my friend run for him (thanks!) He couldn't start at 3,2,1,GO! but after he notice its time to run, he run perfect! I am so glad he could run very first time.


16th Oct '04

Wakayama Union Dog Club Dog Show   

Group 1st

Judge : Breed Syunji Yamamoto Group Ryouichi Kawakita

Handler : Akira Miyake

He got a first Group 1st.

I didn't have any plan for this show but Handler Akira Miyake advice me "you can enroll this show for training.". So we were there. His coat was not so good and he didn't run perfect but he did well. He got Group 1st. I was so Happy!! and very proud of him! After this, Miyake always give us good advice for showing. I asked Mr. Miyake to take care Kobo until next show.


24th Oct '04

2004 FCI INTERNATIONAL Dog Show Cyugoku bloc

Group 3rd

Judge : Breed Akio Kuroki Group Hisayoshi Kadowaki

 He got Group 3rd.

At Okayama, Kobo was there with Miyake. I drove car from Nagoya to Okayama by myself. I got car accident, a guy hit my car from behind. I was so lucky I didn't have any dogs in my car.

Anyway, Kobo was handled by many handlers in this show. When I saw this, I  really worried about this.  He run with the Handlers who met Kobo very first time, but he could do so fine. He was always wagging his tail for every Judge and every Handler. which was so nice.


5th  Nov '04

Okayama Aiken Club Dog Show


Judge : Breed Mrs.Rozalie Anderson BIS Mr.Burton J. Yamada

He got a Excellent!

Oh, this is so nice recollection for me and Kobo. That was my first time to handle Kobo. Kobo was not so shape because I handled him.:-)) but it was so fun with him.... and He was chosen 13 dogs from all 67 breed dogs!! I won't forget about the face and voice of Mr. Burton to call for excellent dogs
"Alaskan Malamute" 

I still can't say how much.... but I was so so happy.!! Thank you, Kobo!!

14st Nov '04

Gig race in Kyoto

beginner class

He got 1st in beginner dog class with perfect run.
See the gold medal on his neck!!

21st Nov '04

2004 FCI INTERNATIONAL Dog Show Kyusyu bloc   

Group 1st

 Judge : Breed Akira Hayashida Group Kinji Itoi

He got a second Group 1st.

He was in Miyake's place for one month for only showing.
This show was far from my home, so I couldn't go there...so I don't have any repot about this, but he got Group 1st. I could image Kobo was so good!

Gash, I really wanted to see Kobo in Kyusyu.

23rd Nov '04

Fukuyama Dog club Dog Show


Judge : Breed Taiko Kawamoto BIS Koujiro Terada

He got Excellent.

From this show 3 shows came to Kobo and us in one week.
First of all, Fukuyama...Kobo's coat became so good. he looked gorgeous.

27th Nov '04

Ehime Aiken Club Dog Show 

Best in Show

Judge : Breed Akira Hayashida BIS Yoshinari Takeda

Kobo got "Best in Show"!!

I took all my dog to dog show, because that was 2 days show on Shikoku area which far from my home.  That was mistake, anyway. He noticed other dogs were there by smell. So He had lost concentration for showing. I tried to hide from him...He could won BIS!!!! I felt relieved.

That was something. you know...When he got BIS, announcement called
"Today's Best In Show is Alaskan Malamute!"
Also this malamute is my Kobo  (T_T)

28th Nov '04

Matuyama Aiken Club Dog Show 


Judge : Breed Shinichi Sonoda BIS Akio Kuroki

He got excellent.

I was giddy and I got so many Congratulations! call from My friends.
I was so relaxed and I really enjoyed to see Dog Show at that day :))

5th Dec '04

2004 FCI INTERNATIONAL Dog Show Oosaka bloc

Group 2nd

Judge : Breed Toshio Hayashi  Group Jintaro Inamura

He got Group 2nd.

It was really HOT, So The dogs are in Group 5th were so hard to for showing.
Many friends were there to see Kobo's show ring. We had good time in DOG SHOW. His coat became perfect, so looked GORGEOUS!!


11th Dec '04

Wakayama Union Dog Club Dog Show   

Group 2nd

Judge : Breed Hiroki Iijima   Group Keiko Kawada


He got Group 2nd.

Group match's Judge was female. Kobo was so happy when she checked body and he liquted her face! He was still puppy!


11th Dec '04

2004 FCI INTERNATIONAL Dog Show Tokyo bloc 

Group 2nd

Judge: Breed Akira Hayashida  Group Mikio Domon


He got Group 2nd.


I taped Him on Show!

This is last Dog show in 2004 for us. I would pick up Kobo in this show.


23rd Jan '05

2005 FCI INTERNATIONAL Dog Show Chiba bloc 

Group 2nd

Judge: ; Group


He got Group 2nd.


20th21stFeb '05

2005 Southan Hokkaido Dog Sled competition


Judge: ; Group


This is his first sled competition!!



6th Mar '05

2004 FCI INTERNATIONAL Dog Show Chubu bloc 


Judge: Breed ; Group


He got BOB.

Ooops! He had a stomach bloated with a food splurge ;-))




2nd 3rd Apr '05

2005 Asian international Dog Show 

Group 3rd

Judge: Breed Midori Matumoto  Group Tomio Fujihata


He got Group 3rd.


this show is biggest dog show in Japan.

I am so proud of him!