noji team new face Kobo appearance!


Kobo appearance!

Kobo who is Long-awaited new face to my sled team!!
Hana is 6 years old Sara and Yuu are 3....Kobo, he bears the next generation of my team.

I bought Hana, when she was for sale at breeder's home. I kept SARA and Yuu when I breaded Hana.

Kobo...I regard these parents and I  wanted to have puppy from them... He was a puppy  dog which I  waited for and waited for breeding.

The long story of over three years with Kobo.

I have been keep malamute for 6 years, and I saw various malamutes and then I have a malamute model of an ideal for me. Except it, there is a malamute image of an ideal to the extent that it is unreceivable.

My ideal image ... The dog which is the model of a link place to the English malamute link is smart. I thought If I could I want to have such male some day. one day I jumped into one Malamute Website and see one male malamute photo. He was so cool to me....From that website I printed out his pic and I always bring that photo.

When I was in US 3 years ago, I went to Dog show in WA. There was one dog from that Kennel I printed out. by chance. I meet in only one show of the large United States! I did think that was big chance it never happened again. I talked Carmen who have Flasher's daughter Luna. 

I cannot miss such fate.

I decided to follow this obediently. After returning to Japan, I send e-mail to her and tell her I wanted to have your male puppy. I have to tell her everything honest. Because If I don't have the same feeling and an idea as same as breeder's, we will surely getting a trouble. I could made everything for secret, because it's far from breeder home...But I want to make everything for Kobo grand. For example, Kobo grows up how, and what activity is carried out for him, I must enable everything to say to Breeder, Carmen.

The history of a Japanese malamute made the thing tell gold from the United States, and has begun from the rough business of the price of a good dog. There are also many breeders who do not enough give even a reply only by saying I am Japanese.. Or there are some breeders who hear Japanese people and pick a terrible price.

To meet in person is helped me greatly. I visited her house and to see Luna's relative dog. This is huge point to have male malamute as a sled team member. I need good temperament. Luna and her relative dogs are perfect for me. I asked Carmen to have her malamute, again.

Point was...

"My house is small and so narrow becomes land narrow Japan and your  mal due to live and hot in Nagoya."  "I  may be use him  for breeding."

I  wanted Carmen say yes, because her important dog to take to here, I want you to be convinced to these two points.

And the demand from me

the weak point of the my malamute .. the way of attaching narrow front food and  smallness of the head which SARA and others has... So I need male with which the weak point is compensated -- "

Relation with the breeder in connection with the dogs to be kept from now on ... I wanted to talk thoroughly with the breeder of Kobo.

The standard of a Malamute is...Malamute is sled dog , so standard is for this.

The point which pulls sled and runs firmly is a size and body... The breeder who is discerning and feeling it , they can improve the dog species only after he can know the true power of a Malamute. And what is more important than anything is character which a dog has. The Malamute is natural with "the dog which groans" in Japan. There cannot be no putting many malamute in a one line and running. However, since the Malamute kennel in U.S. They producer wonderful respects character, they could make more than ten-dogs sled team of malamute.

I think that is the right breeder's figure which has all possible stable character for having only the body which pulls Sled and runs, and to Sled with the many dogs in which it is the form of the right Malamute and pursues it.

The breeders and their dogs of behind Kobo are all my ideal things.

And I explained my activities, I needed let her know  "Your dog is used in such forms"

I showed her the magazine called 'AIKEN journal'. in 2002 we appeared many race in Japan. there are many picture of us for sled and bicycle race. I thinks this magazine is really high quality of dog activities Showing dog sports anything about for dogs. Kobo will be there, too :-))

Conditions came out.

"If you breed him, investigate blood certificate and investigate a clearance. Inspect solids, such as an OFA eye check. Breeding is not carried out if not proved by these. "  "When you do not grow up into the male for which the puppy to pass turns into adult  then will you return a dog?"

Utterance of returning a dog ....
Many malamutes which temporarily went into Japan is already unknown. So, there are also many people whom American breeders regard as "Japanese people are killed after that in a dog, using breeding several times". they believe....

Though Kobo does not become the form of an ideal and does and  not breed... even if My girls cannot take clear number, since Kobo becomes my dog, I do not part with a dog. The dog which became a friend at once is not parted with.

I refuses one "a dog not being returned since Kobo becomes my dog". It was only "acquiring a clear number, if I will breed him."

If a malamute follows the blood certificate which the blood certificate follows and it goes by 15-17 generations from an original dog after it is authorized, whether it is the line which has the gene disease of a malamute in Sara and Yuu can recognize it. I sent five generations pedigree to US and checking those. Although it is an investigation stage, several dogs are left, other dogs seem to  almost clear.

It was pleasant to have cleared conditions thoroughly one by one.

The end of August 2003, I got email from Carmen Luna having crossed. Being born will be in November.... The day which meets Kobo gradually was becoming closely. After entering in November, I sent emails almost like a neurosis.

If Luna does not have male pup  as a can be chosen ... Or Luna does not have male pup, either way... This timing is perfect for us to take Kobo home. otherwise everything won't work out. In my present environment, it's really  difficult for the next to wait. If the way and unreasonableness which believe fate are carried out, we  will surely be unhappy. If it is not the highest conditions, I will be with three girls now go on.

When I thought "this is the my ideal malamute!!" at Website ... When I meet a Carmen in the show ... If this is not my fate, I should give up Carmen's dog and go by. I think so natural.

November 7th 2003"-- Carmen told me there is the establishment your Kobo in there -- Four boys were born.

After Kobo was born , the severer situation continued....

Carmen and I would exchange contracts.

In the contraction, I noticed there are many things I have to think about again live with dogs to share time with dogs to breed dogs....

If I breed Kobo with my mal .... It is satisfactory, if I could keep all pups. I don't care what dog will be sufficient as a malamute. all dogs in my yard.  BUT since I cannot keep all puppy for me, unless some puppies has to be out from my yard. I think then that I want the new owner for puppy to have a first-class malamute. I need strong ideal.

I start this website from the hope of wanting everybody to know existence of a Malamute, and am attending various activities. 

Malamutes are the dog species which should be loved.
However, the size of a malamute is large...

If some problems appear in a dog or illness comes out -- The expense of an animal hospital becomes immense and the property of it is lost. When character has failed, they are also the dog species which have only the inside of a cage, or a way to disposal throughout life.

It is the dog species in a major premise that healthy thing character is good.

Sara and Yuu, I should be careful for the next generation, too. the minus side as a Malamute of my dog was compensated, and at last, although it may only be present condition maintenance, I believe that these efforts bore a fruit someday, and I followed the conditions which came out of Carmen desperately.

This long, long project once stepped on the mile stone.

Nice to see Kobo!! and Welcome to the world!