The trip to pick Kobo up!


The trip to pick Kobo up!

Preparation of welcoming Kobo to Japan was completed. April 9 this is the day of bicycle race in Ishikawa... Since it has overlapped with a delay for one month, it becomes not participating.

Carmen said  "don't  fly by an airplane to travel in the time whether to have finish learning the sociality for four months resisted." also said "don't making the vaccination of rabies received for three months pup" and  She also wanted to wait till 6 months old.

However, if we wait till 6 months old, it become so hot in Nagoya... This is hell for Kobo. This is the indispensable condition of the malamute which lives in Nagoya to get used from cool temperature. I explained this for Carmen. I felt so bad to talk this to her.

Fri., April 9

My job is still crazy busy recently, I decided to stay in shortest time in US. Only just two day staying. This means I have to fly by Daily fright from Tokyo.

It uses the facilities which cannot use the regular service of a week 1 and which have been put into service every day.

In order to make quarantine Kobo received in it in Nagoya, it needed to return to Nagoya by the international airline...So I chose to fly this.

Nagoya-Narita Narita-Los Angeles Los Angeles-Seattle 

It will take about 20 hours in all include changes. This is too long time for us.

At that time I had 2 side of mine. I was perplexed. I need Kobo for my sled team. but I should not bring him to Japan....Is he really happy with me. I was merely watching  the airplane from the window at airport. They discharged and shipped Cargo...I felt into those that Kobo was seen in creat. He was crying  visible to one in it.

Shall I stop? Can Kobo become fortunate in Japan? I was full of such a feeling and got in the airplane.

at Seattle and Tacoma International Airport

Carmen came to the place of waiting. She said "Kobo is in a car", and

Kobo greeted with full body, and He licked and pushed in the backseat. The feeling uneasy at the moment flys away, and "I never give up this dog! and  we become fortunate together with this dog."

We arrived at Carmen's home. And we played  Kobo, a mother (LUNA), and a his brother (Hooch) in the yard for a while. I could see that he was enough endowed with the stable character which I wanted.

"Are you going to sleep together with Kobo?" Carmen has heard it.
"of course I will! How about  his pee?"
"If he want to come to pee, he will let you know, it is OK."

I said to Carmen "good night" and Kobo and I went into the bed room.
Kobo jumped in the bed and sociability was scattered for a while, and he became width comfortably. He could  sleep together with me, a foreigner soon. 

I asked Carmen about this in the next morning. Kobo went to a puppy kindergarten and many days he spend time in Dog day care service. Various experiences were already gained to him. He have already have experience to separate with Carmen to him, separate with Luna, and separate with a brother ... He already knows how he control those these feelings --

His height of the adaptability over all will be surprised me after this.
He seems he doesn't have any an uneasy thing -- a disagreeable thing -- a lonely thing ... all were boiled and he was adapted, so that I could think that this dog doesn't have a negative feeling It was the moment a putting-on airplane of 20 hours feeling became somewhat easy.

Sat., April 10

We left early in the morning to place of the LUNA breeder's Twila. It took 2 hours drive. Of course, He is also calm in car. 

Kobo and Hooch receive a training class, there. They used interesting contents. To a dog, do not give some corporal punishment and it is trained. . . . Nobody raises their voice. It praises intently. It continues doing and praises until it can do, even if it does not listen to what is said. It is the portion to which I was troubled in contact with Kobo in the quarantine station after that.

I conformed the concentration of Kobo which Carmen had said in this class.

Then, we appears shopping purchasing creat for a Kobo's transfer. What it comes out of to the talk the middle was the talk of Sled. Twila which was surprised at the words "there are not more than 4 dogs Sled team with malamute in Japan". and She said come to in Winter. you could ride 10 malamute sled team. WOW!! I can' t imagine...10 malamutes..

In the evening we went Japanese restaurant. I didn't bring my camera so I couldn't take a picture of American Japanese food. It is really regrettable.

I could say one thing...I can make a Chinese meat dumpling(GYOZA) more delicious than the Chinese meat dumpling of that restaurant! I will serve Carmen in someday.

Sun., April 11

It was Easter weekend.
We was invited 2 home, one is an Easter launch in Carmen's parents' home and the other is Dinner in Jim's home. Michi and Jim are my host parents at Seattle when I was in US.



Carmen's brother in low ask me....
"Where do you live in Japan ?"
"Nagoya ... it is near Toyota-shi with car company TOYOTA."
It led generally now a long time ago. but in this time "well...."

"(How about this! )It is an ICHIRO town."
It can rise considerably now recently... It is Seattle of the Mariners so.

The father of Carmen who loves Kobo earnestly.

Jim really wants to meet in spite of the short time of two days this time. I am sure he want to see Kobo and others. He invited his neighborhood and talked together on the deck of their new house. He seemed that all the members satisfaction was carried out to gorgeous dogs.

Jim has been in Japan. and he knows Nagoya and Kyoto of summer. He told Carmen how hot in the summer of Nagoya while eating supper. It seems that the direction heard from Jim will seemingly wear the actual body rather than heard from me, and it became super-worries. I have to watch out how he is doing....

We talked many things about Kobo in the car of return to home. I was noticed Carmen was feeling sad and glad or many feeling for Kobo. Because I will take away to Japan which far from US and she cannot meet Kobo easily tomorrow. We talked many things. I said to her I will do my best for Kobo and I won't do too much Kobo and my girls. I will Kobo back to Carmen when we are going wrong.

Also I decided to agree with Co-owner ship about Kobo which had been offered from Carmen. Now, the breeders of the malamute in United States bear distrust against Japanese puppy mill type breeder . They say that "why do you sale malamute to Japanese people!" However, Carmen trusted me and let Kobo to Japan. I have to answer to her feeling. So I decided to be co-owner and to be shown that Kobo and I are in control-ization of Carmen completely. We are not going to put Kobo wrong way.

Carmen slept with Luna, Hooch and Kobo the last night.

Mon., April 12

The flight was at 8:00 we arrived at  6:00 in the morning. Kobo had settled down in creat. Check-in is finished and the body check of Kobo is also ended.... Carmen said good bye to Kobo, and had given a tight hug to him. As she exceeded the limit of sad which can be put up with, she left.

So we are all alone to Japan.
Kobo will have three fright changes from here. .... Kobo is truly on character alike, and satisfactory at all, he ended the flight and arrived in Nagoya. When it came out at the Nagoya airport, Kobo wagged his tail, carried out feces and pee at the moment of taking out outside, and creat was complete clean. It was perfect.

The things what an I my feeling when I see Kobo.

I think that I did my best and sent out about puppy from my yard . There was remarkable self-confidence. However, I saw Kobo, I realized that it was less than the step a by breeding work.

I considered what deference between Carmen and Twila did from I did.

There is selection of surely "not breeding a dog".

The bad formal dog of not making it breed is natural.

Do not breed with the bad formal dog and the dog who have bat temperament  are really right things. Although it is a natural thing, I thing those standard is quite high-level in US. The selection and this which do not breed are fully moved by a certain margin. Maybe in Japan there is such a poor gin pool. we can not handle it. 
I asked myself... did I have really selection "Do not breed Hana". Am I satisfied with your puppies what are not best? What should I do to Kobo and My girls...I haven't gotten the answere yet.

......Or maybe Kobo will teaches us it.

Kobo : (Gryphon's Moon Over Sea G&H)

Father: Titan (Totem Sno Shire's Ice Slick)
Mother: Luna (Quinault's Gryphon Moon)

Breeder & co-owner: Carmen Rowe